Portugal is the country where I was raised, where I´ve learned to live and where I learn, every single day, to be a better person, I can tell you that it is my second home. The first time that I put my feet in this country I was 6 years old, I remember it like it was today. Everything changed when I came to this country coming from Guinea Bissau, my life followed a totally different way. Before immigrating, in 1998, there was war in my country, so me and my family felt obligated to refugee from Bissau to Bula. Those were hard times! I remember all of those moments, me on my brother´s back and he running to avoid being hit. To not say that the military appeared in my house but, thanks God, nothing happened because my mother was a state secretary and my biological father was a military. Years later, my mother got seriously ill and, with my country facing the crisis because of the war, it wasn´t possible for her to do treatment there, so we had to leave and immigrate and, because I was the youngest, she took me with her and my 3 older brothers stayed there, in Guinea.

I think the most remarkable moment in my life was when I lived in a boarding school, during 4 years, until I was 12 years old because my mom was hospitalized, on treatment .Today she´s doing well. My relationship with her was not the best because she used to attack me physically and verbally. For a long time, I kept hurt with her because I was missing that love that I didn´t get to receive. She´s still a little bit aggressive but she doesn´t hit me anymore, from the moment I made a complaint to police, when things changed.

And if I´m here today it is thanks to God! When I was almost giving up, even thinking on being a prostitute due to how desperate I was, on paying the bills, on being independent - it was him, God, who rescued me and took me out of that hole. I´m finishing high school now and I do intend to go to college, study Desing and then, later, hopefully theology.

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