"I am an artist, and my body a canvas. The word “resilient” is scribbled on my ribs reminding me how I escaped a dark point in life. Humans have the ability to renew ourselves, just like lizards can grow back their tales. I also have a ladybug on my inner arm. My name, Joana, coming from “Joaninha” in Portuguese, translates to ladybug. My grandmother gave me a wooden lady bug, but it is fading, and small, and this one on my arm I will never lose. I like tattoos like these because they let me turn emotional scars visible. Some people may think they ruin a woman’s body, but I think they enhance it, making it more unique. I am a feminist, an architect, an illustrator. I love the female figure. The female body changes over time, but change is beauty. We go from innocent, to child bearing, to wrinkly and wise, but each stage is gorgeous. I work on many social projects as a human rights activist for women. Women, although often treated inferior, are powerful. We are the mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, to every man on earth. We should be proud of our bodies, our art. I am proud of mine."

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