"Port wine literally courses through my veins. My mother is from the Douro region of Porto, which is where Port wine comes from. Some of the regions are actually UNESCO heritage sites. Port wine is a unique process. The microclimate and the rocky soil is vital to making the best Port. There's absolutely no irrigation, either. The roots need to struggle for water in order to produce the grapes, which come in 43 varieties. The grapes are squashed by feet, but the skin is treated delicately, as this is where the color and the flavor are extracted from. After 2-3 days of fermentation, grape spirit is added (distilled wine of white grapes of pure alcohol--Brandy) to stop the fermentation. This is what raises the alcohol content to 19-22%. And of course the skill of the wine maker is important. We have this process strictly regulated by the Instituto do Vinho do Porto. I've worked at Taylor Fladgate's since May 2015. This company began in 1692. My favorite style of Port is 40 year old Tawny. It is nutty, with caramel taste, and has a complex spicy aroma. I'm actually a kindergarten teacher by trade, but I left to come back to wine, because wine has been my family since before I was born."

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